Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Finer Things

Okay- I am convienced sometimes we just need to be kicked a little bit to except the finer things in life we sometimes forget about. You know like our husbands, our kids, and how important the small simple times with them can be.
Lastnight as the world celebrated Halloween we went to church to have our fall festival. My girls have never really dressed up maybe a princess here and there but they have always enjoyed going to church and hanging out. Well on the way to church one of the girls (who I will not name) said Mom you know what I love about tonight. I said what? She said that we are all going to church together. She said you always go but daddy is meeting us there, he told me this morning on our way to school, and she continued to say it is the fun times I remember the most with Daddy, us girls, and you mommy.

Okay so that absolutley did something to me. As we walked around, ate, played games, sang and watched all of the kids play, grab bags and bags of candy, ( that as a parent we really didn't want them to have) I thought- THIS is what it is all about. My husband, my kids, hanging together- wow we were at church surrounded around people who just like us- have lives, have issues and strive everyday to make it.
God how awesome you are. Thank you for planting us in a place to grow in You, with people who like us are striving to be like You.
Help me to remember that life can be simple- It doesn't always have to be hard and sometimes we make it so much harder than it has to be. Lord remind me to chill- take it day by day and when needed minute by minute. Help me to not borrow trouble from tomorrow for as a friend once said tomorrow will bring its own trouble.
Thank you for my little family, help to love them and take in every moment and not take it at all for granted not one moment!
Lord as we travel tonight, keep us in your hands and under your blood- safe in your arms is where we want to be. AMEN~

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