Sunday, November 4, 2007

We are home!

We are home! But boy do we have stories to tell. We had a great visit in Tennessee. I am always excited to go but this time was filled with memories and visits with family as well as friends. As we arrived it was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" lunch with the grandparents. I so love my grandparents. These are my dads parents so I am EXTRA close to them. There is a place in my heart especially for them. My grandpa was sick so Brian had the honors of grilling. He didn't mind at all. I had the honor of calling and getting medicine for my grandpa and then going and picking it up- let's face it I loved it because I felt like I was helping take care of him. He is a hard one to care for so anything I can do- I am there. After lunch and after we played we loaded up and Brian and the girls dropped me at our beauty shop lady- Mrs. Debbie- She is a doll. She is more than a hair dresser to us she is a dear friend. (more than anyone will ever know) I hadn't talked to her in about 10 months so I was thrilled she had a spot so I could see her and to see what she would do with the bushes above my eyebrows.
Off to see my aunt at work and the ladies there. Funny how they all have known me forever and now they see my babies and my hubby... Life just keeps getting better. One more stop before heading to aunt Cindys and we stopped at Mueller. (This is where my grandma worked for 25 years) Two dear ladies Pat and Diane still work there. They started there one year before I was born. ( remember I will be 30 TOMORROW) I love these ladies so Brian let me run in and see them. Ofcourse they came out to see Brian and the girls and told Brian how lucky HE was to have me. ( Well that was my interpretation of the conversation) SMILEING!
Friday Nightmy aunt had a diner out of this world and my other grand mother came and my aunt and her daughter. My Uncle Ronald and Aunt Cindy are always so wonderful.
Saturday was just as full- There was SKYDIVING, Lunch with my Step mom for my b-day and then I went to a surprise party for a great aunt. I got to see so many old church friends and family memebers- It was GREAT.

After a couple hours of dealing with my grandfather on going to the hospital or not/ and trying to decide do we go home or do we stay we came home. Knowing that at anytime we could get a call and have to go back- But God you knwo that. You gave us a GREAT visit! We all FIVE were there and surely you knew that would all work out!
Thank you God for my family time with the extended family. And thank you for MY FIVE AND NO MORE!

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