Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Crying Out, for you Lord!

Okay Lord I am here again. In a place of crying out to you. I am learning that it doesn't always mean like real tears, it means my heart is crying for YOU!
As the day progressed Pa seemed to need your touch a little more. My spirit is crying for your peace and I seem to not find it. Lord help me to receive your peace tonight! Lord I feel alone. I know you are there and I know that just because I am here doesn't mean You can't touch Pa David. But God, we need you. They are giving him blood at this very moment, and he is hurting, my grandmother is being strong and LORD to be honest- I am a little uneasy.

God, help me to reach for your hand in the territory of the unknown; for with you there is no unknown. God, help me to except what is there and walk with you and tackle whatever comes with YOU as my shield. God, help me to realize that life is not forever on this earth- but with YOU our ETERNAL life is forever.

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