Friday, November 16, 2007


Good Morning! It has been a couple overwhelming days and seeing that I am up to my ears in paperwork and deadlines, Here is what I will blog about today. (only for a minute for I have DEADLINES you see)

Okay so the daycare work is going great, I can't complain because just what I wanted is happening! HOWEVER- it came all at once and paperwork came with it. Each child has oh so many forms and then forms you have to type in on the computer, send into the state department. Working with the Department of Human Services, can be a little um testy is a good word... So I have until 5p.m. today to get it all in and submitted OR I don't get paid by them until next month. AND we all know businesses need their revenue. OKAY so I say all that above to say this- WHO CREATED DEADLINES? WHY DO WE NEED THEM? AND WHO REALLY STICKS TO THEM?
I have thought alot about deadlines and I guess we do need them. They help keep us on track in a job, the send us to bed when our bodies need rest and well life in this world would be NUTS without deadlines. As to who created them, I haven't got a clue... Who sticks to them- well I have to believe that those who do their work right and stay on task and stay on time- GET THE BEST REWARDS!!! (if you know it to be different, don't tell me until after 5

So, this morning when that alarm went off at 5:00a.m. I had to wonder would it truly benefit me to get up and get on that treadmill? I had to wonder would it truly benefit me to get up and have everything ready for the girls before waking them up so their morning wouldn't be chaotic? Well here is the answer YES, ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!

Sometimes in life we aren't real sure why we must do it the way we hav eto but we JUST DO IT! Deadlines are good for us, even when we don't like them....

Okay back to my paper work- Untill I return keep thinking--

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