Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here is Mrs. Kerri showing her stuff! They didn't think she had it in her.
Hannah, Maddison and Mikel Ann--- we still don't know what Maddison is doing!!!

Here is Mrs. Kerri and Dillion going under the legs and backwards! How fun was that... They think I am kinda cool...

Our fearsome leader, by this we mean HE BEAT THE SOCKS OFF OF US!!!!!

Brittney and Tiffany- Always ready for a pose!!! Here they are!!!!!!!! Brittney, Tiffany, Neal, Jordan and Dillion!
Thank you guys from Mr Brian and Mrs Kerri....... We had a blast and can't wait till next time... I think glow in the dark bowling is soon very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mikel Ann Taylor, is our baby. She is 7 1/2, she is in the second grade and is a wonderful piece of our lives. Recently we recieved some news that is a little overwhelming for us. We don't have all the pieces of the puzzle yet, we return back to the dr this next week. However I am asking that my fellow bloggers begin to pray. Mikel was diagnoised with migraines about 5-6 months ago. The headaches began in January. It took a few months but we got to the headache clinic and that is where the diagnosis was made. Well about 3 weeks ago she had one seizure. But it was enough to make the doctors want to do further testing. One of which was an MRI--- Last Tuesday Mrs. Pat and I went to take her in. Really believeing we would just get some answers that were all the same, she has headaches continue the medicine, blah blah.... But what we were told was devastating to us all.
Mikels test showed that she has a brain tumor. It is on the left side of her brain and that she will now see the nuero surgeon. THIS IS ALL WE KNOW......
We spent the first two days crying and looking at her very different. But I kept saying she is healthy. She plays, jumps, skips and she can't be sick. As parents Brian and I have allowed our minds to wonder and say ALL of the what ifs...... We finally reached the place yesterday that we had given her to God along time ago and she is His.
I hesitated in writing this blog but I so felt that If I didn't, my friends couldn't pray and right now we need every prayer that can be given. My aunt encouraged me to share with those that would lift Mikel Ann up.
I have asked God a million and one questions and I was directed to a passage of scripture.
2Corinthians 1:5--- For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows...-- The commentary study to this scripture states the following: Our suffering is a link to Jesus Christ. Through he was the son of God, he endured the frustrations of flesh while living in a sinful world. We still live in that fallen world. Some of us face physical, some face emotional stress and battles. But because Jesus lives within us, he shares the pains, the sorrows and the frustrations we feel. He joins with us in our suffering and ---even more encourageing---he also offers us comfort.
As a christian I realize I am going to go through some tough times; but I WILL NEVER GO ALONE!!!!!!
Thank you for your prayers and we will be believing for a good report.

Monday, November 24, 2008

This is what I think!!!!!!

I think this says it all. I saw this on another bloggers page. The cutest picture ever! It is kinda funny how we dread the family get togethers but yet we crave them so. So if yours is one of those love hate things!!!! STUFF THE TURKEY...


Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am thankful!

Good Morning All. It is Sunday am around 5:49.. Lastnight we had Thanksgiving with Brians extended family. There was food galour and people were wall to wall. I thought of our kids who are oblivious to anything and everything going on around. They were happy to be together and play. I thought of the new life we saw as little Sage Mae brought us all to say woo aww. Ofcourse I got her in my hands each time I saw a chance. She even smiled at me as I sat and talked to her like I was a baby myself. Something about babies... :-)
There are those who have lost and are still very sadden, and with the holidays rolling around I think those are the ones that have a new perspective on family. I see it in thier faces. We have some whose physical bodys are wearing and tearing. They are suffering greatly, but you would not know it. They laugh, smile and attepmt to live life to the fullest. I also see a legacy..... There we were all together. There was talk of how Granddaddy would never eat of a paper plate, and I made a statement of Maw Maws dumplings and fried potatoes. BUT WOW- what a legacy Maw Maw and Granddaddy have left. All 5 children and thier families together again. Celebrating Thanksgiving.
I am so thankful my girls get to be a part of such a huge loveing family. It doesnt mean everyone likes everbody at the same time, but then again what family does. But I see a legacy, a mantel if you will to pass to my girls.
There are those who were there that bless us beyond measure. Sherry and Kelly- you are a blessing. Your hearts and yes even Kellys big kid attitude- I have never met two people who just love life and being around. You both bless me each time we get together.
Aunt Louise thank you for opening your home and heart to us all.

In this holiday season I pray that we remember to be thankful for ALL we have. Our families here, our families that have passed on, and our friends that we hold close as family as we travel this journey called life. Life is a dance, a dance we will never know completely because it is forever changing, but we can learn to enjoy it as we waltz through. Just remember not everyone will do the same, some will coast, some will waltz, some may even do the cupid shuffle, but as long as we all get to where we are going we will be there together!!!

Enjoy your sunday!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sickness Go Away!

Sickness go away and do not return to me another day!!!!!

I have literally been sick for THREE WEEKS! Now it is full blown Pnuemonia. I have to wonder will it go away. Two trips to the doctor, 4 shots in my backside, and 3 different prescriptions. I am not a sick person, however I am beginning to think I am in a rut!!! A vicious cycle of sickness and I WANT OUT!
How in the world does someone so busy and "healthy" get so sick? And who is going to care for all I am responsible for. Well in the words of my grandmother, "you go and go and never slow down and in order to care for yourself, you have to be sick"....
I am slowly learning, the hard way, that my grandmother is so right. No one will care for you like you do so just take care of yourself. It is so hard in my life to SLOW down. However I find myself being locked in my house for the last two days and the next two nurseing myself back to health.
In my fast pase life I sometime forget what it is I am exactly "called" to do and be. What are we called to do? Who are we called to be? For me at this point in my life; I am called to be a daughter to my heavenly Father. I am called to be a wife, to my husband for the last 11 years, I am called to be a mom, to three beautiful girls. I am called to be a daughter to my mothers, I am called to be a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, a cousin, and a friend.
I am called to do whatever the day brings that would please my father. I am called to worship Him.... It is what I am called to do. It was the purpose of my life.
I am called to love and serve Him, I am called to be a witness of His GREAT LOVE!
What do I want to do? Who do I want people to remember me for.......
Joshua is one of my favorite Bible heroes. He was a great servant to Moses. He refused to be swayed by his peers or by the crowd when he spied out the Promised Land. He followed in the footsteps of a great leader and was a great leader himself -- not an easy task! Joshua was vigorous and vital even in his old age.Most of all, Joshua was obedient to God and did everything that God had commanded him to do, as well as what God had commanded Moses that he should do. In other words, Joshua was faithful!

O LORD God, my Father, when the story of my life is told,may I be viewed as one who was faithful to all that you have asked of me. I want to serve you with an undivided heart and a life that brings you the glory and praise you deserve for your generous grace. Lord help me to see what is first, what you have commanded and not to lead such a busy life that I miss what you have for me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Makes Me want to Shout

As another day closes I wonder if tomorrow will bring better results. It has been a tough weekend. One that has a roller coaster effect but one that leaves me even more hungry for a GREAT move of God. Tonight as I wait in my chair as I often do for God to give me answers I hear this song in my heart. Psalms 92 says it is good to praise HIM.....
So all that is within me sings this song out and worships my father..... It is my job, it is my privilage, it is my honor;

When I think about the Lord
How He saved me, how He raised me,
How He filled me with the Holy Ghost
How He healed me to the uttermost
When I think about the Lord
How He picked me up and turned me around
He placed my feet on solid ground
It makes me wanna shout

Hallelujah thank You Jesus
Lord You're worthy of all the glory
And all the honor and all the praise
It makes me wanna shout
Hallelujah thank You Jesus
Lord You're worthy of all the glory
And all the honor and all the praise.

I am a person moved by music.... We have established that much. God spoke to me so strong tonight. He reminded me of all HE has done and all that HE is yet to do. I never want to be in the place that I forget---- nor do I want to be in a place that I put Him in a box and say you can't do that God. Today I come with tons of unanswered questions and the desires of my heart go further than just wants. I stand waiting on a miracle father. You said you would and I am holding to that promise. Father I love you tonight. And as I lay down and the burdens of this life overwhelm me , I recieve your blessing..... I accept your perfect will for my life and those that are my own.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It is Well!!!

I know that most are not touched by music. However I also know alot of us are. I am one of those people. I am one of those that God will give a song to soothe my soul or to show me HE is still there. The one I have sung since Thursday night is one we all know. It is an old hymn that brings tears and Joys all at the same time. It is a song we all know, but is it a song we all can sing with confidence that it all is really going to be ok........ I must wonder how you feel about........

When peace like a river, Attendeth my way
When sorrows like the sea billows roll
Whatever my lot,Thou hast taught me to say
It is well It is well with my soul
My sin oh the bliss
Of this glorious thought
My sin not in part But the whole Is nailed to the cross
And I bear it no more
Praise the Lord,Praise the Lord O my soul
And Lord hast the day
When my faith shall be side,
The clouds be rolled back like a scroll.....
The Lord shall descend and the trump shall resound
Praise the Lord it is well with my soul......

May we always Count it Joy, and it always be well with our souls.....