Friday, November 30, 2007

Bring it on DECEMBER!

Today is finally almost over.. Hallelujah!!!! As the day comes to an end it brings with it another week under our belt... Woo Hoo-
Tomorrow starts the busiest month of the year for me and my family- the new challenge is that this year I am working 50 plus hours a week. So what can I say that would challenge us all to keep going. To remember what the reason for the season "really" is.
So for the Taylor family every weekend is full. With church and ladies functions, work parties, kids fieldtrips and family get togethers.
I have to continue to tell myself slow down life is going way to fast. Well that is all so true but how do we stop it.
What I would have to say is Lord help us to remember who YOU are in this month. I have tried so hard to make this time of the year that we dont think it is just about presents, it is about our savior. He came in to this world to bring peace and good will.
~~~Lord I love you. I thank you for my husband, my kids, my extended family on both sides. I thank you for my friends and those who care about us and love me and my family.
Lord help to be the wife, mother, and Godly woman you have called me to be.

So to sum it up- here comes the busiest month- but I am ready... Keeping Christ right in the middle of the season because God you are Awesome....
So for now I will say- Bring it on DECEMBER! I am ready for you and I am ready to see what God has in store for us.

Untill next time-
Be blessed!!!!!!!!

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