Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grandaddy and Maw Maw

There has been alot of talk about living and dying, and old people lately which has turned my heart back to two very dear old people in my life that have gone on to be with our Lord. So today I wanted to take a minute and share with you a few little memories I have about dear sweet Granddaddy and Maw Maw. When Brian and I married all I heard about was Maw Maws cooking and her quilt making. She was a babysitter by trade and a wonderful mawmaw. Everyone called her maw maw, even those who weren't family. Granddaddy was a carpenter by trade and from what I know could build anything. There were cabinets in our house he had built and ones in Jack and Barbs house as well. But you see by the time we married Granddaddy was already well in his elder years. As the years went on Barbara cared for them like noone else could have and I became her support. Granddaddy believed I could get that doctor on the phone like noone could. I remember the day we called ole' doctor Harrington, and he called right back.... That day granddaddy thought I hung the moon..... The night Granddaddy went home, we had been there and would have been no other place.
After loosing granddaddy just 2 years and 2 days later we lost Maw Maw to what I believe was a broken heart, but we were there. I will cherish the the times we spent and the time my girls got to spend with her. The times my little Hannah stood by her bed and patted her hand, and said, it's okay Maw Maw as if she was holding a little babies hand. Mikel Ann loved to go and see MawMaw even if it was to go in her room when she was in her bed to give her a sip of water. Maddison remembers when she was well and was in her garden. Maddison being the oldest remembers being in the garden with both Maw Maw and Granddaddy just two years before Grandaddy passing. The last year of Maw Maws life I got to spend sometimes with her that, uhmmm may not have been so "great" but they were memories that I will always cherish and never forget.
I will hold to the fact that I got to hold her hand when we went to the doctor and she was scared, I got to hold her hand and assure her it would be okay when a new nurse came in to see her for the day, And that God allowed my husband, myself, and our girls time with a Godly MAW MAW as He ushered her into eternity. Oh Lord Let me have the strength, wisdom, courage as Maw Maw had as a mother, wife and a Godly woman. Let me leave the legacy for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on as she has. Lord let me see that life is what we make it. For it wasn't easy back in the day but with you God everything is possible. Lord our life is not ours, it is yours- You lend it to us to do your work. Let me do your work here on earth until you call me home. ~~~AMEN~~~

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