Monday, November 5, 2007


TODAY~is my birthday! Happy Birthday!
Interesting how you think that a day can make or break you. I did!
Today I turned 30! yeppers I am OLD! I sure hope the next 30 years are easier than the last. I say that to say this.
Those of you who know me know that I have said I HATE birthdays. It has nothing to do with getting older or not enough presents or whatever- it is all about the fact my daddy isn't here and my birthdays have been pretty meaningless in the last few years, the last 14 to be exact. But as I physc myself up to turn the big 30 I also have been allowing my God to do some AWESOME stuff in my life. That inturned has allowed today to be the best birthday I have had in 14 years! YEAH GOD!!! YOU ROCK!

It is amazing to me how the Lord just keeps on showing me how Awesome HE really is! In the last two weeks God has given me HIS favor and showed me HIS grace and granted me peace in my family like NEVER before!
Lord thank you for my birthday and thank you for another day to serve you. Also Lord, thank you for my daddy and all of the wonderful birthday memories I have with him. Help me to cheerish them and not hold tight to them as if they will slip away. The gift of memory you will not take away.
Bless us this day as it comes to an end. You knew the beginning, You knew the middle, You know the end, help me to except what I cannot change and change the things I can.
Lord help me to become the Godly woman You have called me to be- The trustworthy and honest friend and witness You would have me to be for you.

Thank you~

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audra said...

Happy Birthday girl! The skydiving picture was great. Way to go!