Monday, November 26, 2007

Beauty For Ashes

Today as I finished working I had to wonder Lord what are you doing? In the last few days the Lord has certianly stretched my faith more than I could have ever dreamed. I have become depended on friends I didnt know I had and I have found new friends in an unexpected way. God how AWESOME you are...

Today I made a decesion that niether of my dear friends liked. I had to hear it from my best friend of how selfish it was just to give up, absolutely she made me mad, but even though it hurt- It was true.... Was I being selfish or was it just that I was so confused that I had no idea where to turn and how to make a decesion.
God I love you. From the moment I drew my first breath you have had your hand in my life. From "Beauty to Ashes" you brought my life. Where satan meant for the ashes God without fail you have turned it into BEAUTY... Beauty is what you see when you look at my life.

Lord help me remember you NEVER put on me more than I can handle. You don't ask me to go the extra mile alone, You are always there and YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME! God when I don't "feel" you please open my eyes to see you are there.
~~~Thank you Father- I promise to walk with you, I promise to keep going, I promise to get in your word and find my place in your calling....... God I absolutely know that you are there today. Thank you for my friends and "new church family".
Untill you call I will serve you and keep going!!!

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