Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rocky Top Will Always Be Home Sweet Home!

Alicia Kerri & Becca!!!
So today was a major upset for the Razorbacks! However I cheered my Tennessee Vols to victory. For you see one time a year it is a show down in the Taylor house hold. Arkansas vs. Tennessee. It is the only game of the year I don't cheer for Arkansas, which in turn means our house is totally divided! For those of you who have seen my license plate on my truck it comes as no surprise to you that I am a VOLS fan and Brian is an ARKANSAS fan.

However here is what I am thinking- Aren't we so lucky that God doesn't choose us over another or leave us for one day of the year. I mean He doesn't even leave us for one second of any day of the year. HE is so AWESOME! We don't have to score points, or run touch downs or even catch the ball for Him to show up for us. He is there and all He ask is that we love Him and Serve Him.. I just think that is incredible!

God help me to see you when I am clouded. Lord remind me that all you ask is that I live for you!!! AMEN

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