Friday, July 3, 2009


It is now July the 3rd but the girls and I have been on vacation for a while. We left last Sunday June 28th. My grandmother has dail up so it was impossible to blog. We left early around 645 am so we arrived about 10 30... The week has been fun filled no doubt. On sunday after arriving in Tennessee we ate lunch with Ma. Then off to Suzannes. I was so tired but wanted so much to see my precious sweet nephew, Cale Michael... (pictures to come when I get home) That particular night he came home with Aunt Kerri. I loved being with him. He is soooo sweet, and laughs at EVERYTHING!
Monday the kids and I hung out. We didn't even open the garage at Ma's until after noon. Carolyn came to see us and that was about it. We Rested.....
Tuesday we go tto hang out with Shawna and Lana and all the Gilbreath kids.... How much fun we had!
Wednesday Ma and I had some time to ourselves. The kids were with my mom.
Thursday was off to meet daddy, g-ma, g-pa, and aunt deborah.......

So we are still on vacation. We are in Indiana. Many post, explanations and post to come!

HAPPY 4th!!!