Friday, June 26, 2009

So you ask is that all they do?

Alright some of my friends have asked Kerri is that all you guys do is swim? Well to be honest it really has been. I have enjoyed being home with the girls and WE LOVE THE WATER.
I know it is probably not good for us but if you look at what we all do everyday a lot of it isn't good for us. LOL!

However we do clean house and take naps and all of that. This afternoon we are cleaning and getting the house prepared to leave. The girls and I are leaving Sunday to go to Tennessee... WOO-Hoo.... We are so excited. We haven't been home since march.... and it is definitely time.

Of course when I told my sister we already have things planned to do. I cannot wait to get there and see my beautiful nephew, Cale Michael... of course there is my grandma, my sisters, my aunts, my mom, and some friends I would like to see.

Our visit will only be a few days and then on Thursday Brian, and his mom and dad and sister will whiz through meet up with us and off to Kentucky we will go...

I must go for now-- house work, laundry and a wedding tonight.... How much more can you pack into one day!!!

Alicia and Cheri to the rescue!

Yesterday we got to go to a water park with some friends. We have been planning it for some time and little did I know it would come on a day I SO NEEDED SOME GIRLFRIEND TIME!
Above is Cheri & I. We really enjoyed our time together. Below is a picture of Alicia, Cheri & I. I love these ladies so much.
We started our day with breakfast together. then to wally world to get snacks for the kids. It turned out to be a great day. I was utterly exhausted but I cant think of any other place I would like to be..... In the sun, by the water, with my kids and GREAT GIRLFRIENDS!!!!!
Hey Alicia--- you should take up self portraits... You did pretty good HOT- MOMMA!

Our friends the Castleberrys

This past Monday we got to spend time with Amanda and Mason... they are so much fun. Cant think of any place better to spend it than at the pool... Up above Mikel Ann and Mason...Mason loves Mikel Ann.

Above is Amanda soaking up some sun. She is such a great friend to hang out with.

And here is a picture of their family on Fathers Day... Amanda, Mason and Marc- their silly daddy.

Thanks to the Castleberrys for being such sweet people. You are a blessing to me and our church family!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Brian...... Look at you, you look like you have the cutest bunch of kids known this side of the Arkansas line!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The cutest jumpers Ever

These are just a few more pictures from today. The entire family got to spend the day together. It was so nice. The girls love the water and I guess if the truth be known the momma does too.. Brian said he just enjoys hanging with us... I thought no better way to put it...
Thanks Dad!
Mikel Ann in the purple---- Maddison in the pink----- Hannah Jane in the polka dots!!!!

Having a ball!!!

Pool Side Fun!!!

Ok..... So pool fun is what the Taylor girls long for... My daughters honestly think if they don't get in the pool the day is not done.
So today without fail we headed to the pool... We had to run home for a rest, due to the very hot weather, but we are own our way back to soak a lit bit more in..

Will post pictures of our comeplete Fathers day treat...

Top- Wendy and Kerri BFF
Second- Mom and Hannah Jane
Third- Mom and Mikel Ann
Bottom- Hannah and Mikel Ann

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today the gift!

Today I am taking a look and enjoy the little things in life. This morning I was doing my daily devotion and remembered what someone had said the other day. And for whatever reason it hit hard.
Today is a gift, that is why it is called the "present".
In today's world we can hear so much about how life is taken so quickly and senseless. Take for instance the lady and her 6 yr old who were found dead. (suicide, murder or both) Why? Was life that bad for her she couldn't do it anymore. I also have to look at what I have experienced in my own life. My dad at 35 yrs old.... Why?
And then just this week my husbands cousins wife's mother was killed in a wreck. As senseless as we think all these reasons are---- I have to know God has a plan. And EVERYTHING that satan intends for evil God will turn it over for HIS good.

I guess in my short blog today I want to remind you all that God is a God of grace, mercy and love; and yes I believe He has it all in control....

Enjoy the gift of today- It really is the only "present" we have!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A "Normal Day" with the girls!

Today I totally enjoyed my sweet girls. We slept in and then got up and headed to eat. We ate at McDonalds and then headed to the pool. We lathered up with sunscreen, for we totally learned our lesson on Saturday.
We spend 4 1/2 hours at the pool and then we came home. I enjoy going to the pool becasue we see friends there. The girls swim and play and I get some adult time... It really works out! :-)...
When we got home the girls bathed and got dressed and were totally tuckered out. I fixed dinner and was ready for bed as well. Brian took the two little ones to church while Maddison and I crashed....

Thank you Father for giving me my kids. I enjoy them even on the days on the inside I feel like folding. I am so thankful I can remember the little sweet things in my life and can enjoy the present just as it is, a present!!!!!

Looking forward to another day at the pool..... woo hooo.......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maddison Graduated

I am sure for some of you this is no big deal. HOWEVER, here in Arkansas we have 5th grade graduation... My baby girl finished this year and we couldn't have been prouder. She loved her teachers from the start to end. We equally loved them. Maddison had great grades and she finished with something special this year. She finished tied for first place with 489 AR points..... For those of you who dont know that is a reading program. The librarian said noone had been over 300 much less 400.... Way to go Maddison and Kinley.... The picture with the flowers is Maddison and Mrs Wade... Mrs Wade was her AWESOME K-teacher. The one with her arm around heer neck, that would be the FABULOUS Ms. Alexander..... Ms. Alexander was Maddisons 5th grade teacher and we would have had NO other way! Ms. Alexander is one of those you lover her or hater her teachers.... WE LOVED HER!
Thank you all at Pinewood for seeing my baby girl through!!!! We will miss you all tremendously.
Thank you Lord for each day you have given. As we journey through this next level (middle school) be with us, guide us and keep us all strong. Help us all to see you in EVERYTHING we do...

Where to start after so long!!!

I wish I could go back and start form where I left but I am afraid way to much has happened....
So in light of it all I will say,..... HOWDYYYYY!
Okay so much for being funny....
Wow for something I love so much I sure have been a slagger. But with all good reasoning.
As many of you know I started working at the hospital in March while still working at school... This wore on my body pretty quickly.
School is done and down to one job. The girls are enjoying the summer and even with me working they still love it. We are blessed to have a great sitter this yr. It is very nice to be able to get up and go to work and not have to wake, feed and dress three kids to go somewhere.
There is alot of catching up to do so I will try to do it as we go....

Tomorrow we will go to the water park with some friends. I am going to attempt to down load some pictures and I will label them as we go....

I hope your summer has been a great one this far...