Sunday, November 25, 2007

~~Rainy Cold Days~~

Good Afternoon~~~
Today is a cold wet wintery kinda day. For those of you who know me, know that I don't like the rain. I would like to curl up in the bed until the day is done. The cold only adds to me wanting to stay tight nestled in my house for the days dont do "old Aurther" much good. Even at 30 my hands and knees are already beginning to feel the genetic arthiritis touch!!!! But this morning as I thought of staying in bed , there was plenty of reason to crawl out.
You see today is the Lords day~ And He promises us, He will meet us right where we are when we reach up to Him. I am a firm believer in reaching for help and God is always there. He has NEVER failed me yet, HE continues to "Do IT AGAIN".
Today as we sat in church the preacher preached just about that. I visited with a friend today at church, it was a God lead visit I assure you of that. I had never heard her preacher preach, or did I know alot about him. (only that he was a cowboy at heart) But in the last couple of weeks I have come to respect his wife as the Godly woman she is.
Today the sermon for me was Praise Him Anyways.. Check your attitude and praise Him. When you say you are a born again believer and you surrender yourself to Him then do it 100% and reach up to Him.
So when you dont feel like it, praise Him anyways, When satan comes against you Praise Him anyhow- satan will leave, When life throws you a curve ball that you just aren't sure how to handle it- Praise Him Anyhow. 2 Chronicles 20- verse ? Says Praise Him For His love endureth FOREVER.

God teach me to praise you when the days arent all I would like them to be. Lord you are all knowing and you see the end when I don't. Lord not only do you see it but you hold it in your hand, and to my knowledge you can change "my" world in an instant, if tha tis what you choose to do.
God help to remember what I am called to do according to your purpose. I am a Godly wife, a mother called to teach and love her children, I am friend to those in need and I am a testimony that your love endures forever. Place me on the rock where my faith will not waiver. Place me firm in your word and with your strength I can and I will overcome anything that satan may throw my way. Father guard my heart, my mouth, my mind and spirit that only peace, love and joy comes from me. Thank you Lord for today, A day that I can come into your house and praise you right in the middle of what I think is a storm that may end it all. I praise you my father for you created the heavens and earth. I will praise you for there will be NO ROCK crying out in my place. ~~AMEN~~

Untill next time Praise the Lord!!!!

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