Saturday, November 10, 2007


Happy Saturday Morning!!!
Well as I predicted it was an early night lastnight! YEAH! But not before some SWEET family time! My girls are the sweetest. Mikel Ann still not feeling well turned in at 6:45 without dinner. I worried about her but I suppose she needed rest before eating right? We turned the movie on at 7:30 and had popcorn and enjoyed the movie. Without details the movie daddy had gotten was "just what the girls" had ordered. DADDY ROCKS!

So let me give you my God moment that came late yesterday afternoon to top off a "not" so wonderful week. But then again, it left room for God to show himself so real! At the daycare I got calls yesterday to enroll 6 new kids. They all are coming in Monday. 4 of those kids are military so I believe that will be GREAT!!. One of the little 16 month old boys is deaf. Now, some would say no way, I looked at it differently. YES a challenge but what a ministry,(TO A FAMILY WHO JUST ARRIVED MONDAY FROM GERMANY) but also what a rewarding time to be able to help this child learn his own language. Mom said he is just starting to learn to sign, they use flash cards, etc. etc etc. So we are going to try it. I sign some, but I have never had to sign with a toddler, so I am honored and excited. And wow if I could do this in my daycare that would be a great star beside our name. (And it does help tremendously that my mother in law taught special ed school for 28 years.)

Well it is saturday morning and each mommy knows what that means. A little extra special breakfast, ALOT of laundry and ALOT of house cleaning.
So Happy Saturday!

Lord, Thank you for another day to get out of bed and serve you. For by serving my family I am serving you! You gave them to me and said the wife should take care of them. I set the tone for our home and Lord help me today to set a sweet tone. Even in FOLDING the laundry! AMEN

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