Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In life I have decided you don't find alot of people you call friends. I have found very few in my "almost" 30 years of life. In my recent days God has favored me to have more than I would have dreamed.
Friends that don't expect alot out of you, but stand beside you even when you screw up- Friends who say you are forgiven keep going the end isn't here yet-
Friends who say you are forgivin we keep moving.

Thank you God for friends that I never even dreamed would be the friends that would be the ones that would say keep going. Thank you for a pastor, a pastors wife, Chell, Sharon, Steph and a husband that stand by me, even when I screw up, fall face first, and wait for you to pick me up and we go again.

Lord help me to give grace where grace is needed and help me to be a friend when a friend is needed. Help me to remember that YOU are the ultimate friend but sometimes you do send us to be your arms, hands, and feet.

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