Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Really? Absolutely!

Dear Readers,

If at this moment in time you are sad, depressed, mad, feeling edgy, or out of sorts; WELCOME TO MY WORLD! The last 2 weeks have been a world wind of trials and me wondering geez is this going to end?

Well here is what I have decided! It will end but probably not like I think it should. So today after having a not so good week I was grasping at straws trying to figure out how am I going to survive? I am going to survive because God said so! There is no trial that comes that I cannot survive if I allow HIM to carry me.
It all started over 2000 years ago on an old rugged cross. God thank for going to the cross. Thank you for coming out of that grave and loving me just as I am.

So I am going to continue to go back to that cross daily, hourly or even every minute to make it. Life is HARD! God is GOOD!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Healer" - Kari Jobe Live Performance

I believe there come a time in our journey here on earth where we really do have to just believe HE IS ALL WE NEED! Today I am at this place. As I think of all that is going on in my mind, head and body I say it out loud. God you are faithful! You never back away You never turn your back. We as people are usually the ones that back away and feel we are being left. God help me to never walk away, turn my back or give up!
I believe you are my healer, my portion and YOU are more than enough for little ole me!
Thank You Jesus!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was a wonderful day. off to church then to sister in laws for lunch. Our life group had a cookout that night. At my sister in laws we had an egg hunt and I think it had been a while. It was so nice to see all the kids together. Taylor recently married and we added 2 more sweet babies. These pictures include my three and his four. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
First picture is of Terri & myself at our LG cookout!

Springbreak 2011

Yes this post is a little behind. However better late than never. This past March for Spring break we headed to our recently bought place at the lake for a few days. We took the kids fishing and really enjoyed some down time. Here are a few pictures to show you some fun. We had some extra friends to come up. Lily and Allison joined us for a few days. We are so ready for some warm weather to head to the lake and hit the boat!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Father O How I love you! I am ready I promise

Lord, today I come as I always do, completely unworthy, just a beggar of grace. Today You've come as you often do, and completely amazed me. Your graciousness to me is overwhelming. You've healed, sustained, delivered…my circumstances tested You and once again You've proven Yourself faithful. Giver of joy, Father of hope, Creator of Life…You have not forgotten me. You owe me nothing, yet I owe you everything. How many times Lord, have I approached Your throne about this very subject, knowing that you hear me, but not really ready to receive your response, in case it's not what I want to hear. I should have trusted Your heart for me, and remembered that Your promises are Yes and Amen. So many times I've stood in this very place with no words for You, only groans and sobs, and I trust that you not only heard, but felt each one with me. Today I stand in this refuge, but today I have words, oodles of them actually, and a song…because You have restored hope to me. How do I thank you enough, how do I show you the gratitude of my heart, yes Lord, even my very soul? Yet here in the midst of great joy, and great gratitude, great fear attempts to overtake me. I'm refusing it Lord, but it's a daily, sometimes hourly struggle. Truth calms me, but then memories assault me and remind me that the very worst can and does happen. But truth says that You carried me, and that You will carry me again. Speak Your perfect peace over me. I am yours, Your miracle, Your project from beginning to end. I didn't initiate it, I didn't manipulate it, Lord I wasn't even asking you for your grace when You decided to give it. You knew I would be afraid just as You know the rivers of fear You are now asking me to cross. Just help us to make it safely Father, all of us. Oh God, show us Your favor. We are praying and believing. So are others. Not just for our faith, but for theirs Lord, show Yourself in power and glory. They need to see it, a fresh work, a new move, and I know that You who delights in the impossible, to You, this is but a small thing. Please Lord, for those who need it so desperately, Do this! Father finish what You started in me, and do what You do best, bringing this to perfect completion. I don't know how successful we've been, but we have tried desperately to give you honor and glory in the midst one of my darkest valleys. Now Lord, give us this blessing and watch how we will dance on the mountain top!