Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today I woke up to one child needing to go to the doctor, one child not wanting to do her school work and the other just wanting to watch tv. Today I opened my bible to a scripture I had read over a 100 times, literally and recieved something new out of it. Today I read a blog that opened my heart to a part of me that hurts on a daily bases. But today I hope I was able to give encouragement to someone who was desperately hurting. Today I kissed my husband goodbye and thanked God for him as I prayed for his safe travel to work. Today I called my grandmother to hear her voice say I love you as we talked about her near death experince. Today I was blessed to be at home with my girls. Today I got to teach them thier school work. Today I was able to see my best friend and laugh with her as we often do. Today I was able to be with my mom, as I missed so many times. Today I was blessed to be a blessing to someone in need as I cooked dinner for my family I cooked for two. Today I was able to kiss my husband as he returned from work, Today I laid my kiddos down as I prayed with them one by one. Today I live knowing that I have a heavenly Father who loves me beyond my wildest dreams. Today I love the Lord with all of heart soul and mind.
Today my father blessed me to wake to be His child, Today I lay down trusting Him with my entire being. ~~Today~~

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Hey Everybody! How are you all doing. Well all is well in the Taylor household. A little hormones flying around but I guess that is to be expected with 3 girls, a momma, and two female dogs.... :-)

So today I have to ask a question. Why is it that we allow ourselves in a position that we know may hurt us? Okay so if we saw a big b us coming we wouldn't step out in front of it, would we? Or if we knew a plane was not going to make it to it's destatnation we wouldn't get on it, would you? Well I am so uncertain of how we allow ourselves to get in to things that turn around and cause such pain.

I guess today I am just sadden that I allow myself to get bent all out of shape and let satan use things to hurt me. I recognize that he is out to kill steal and destroy, but man when I allow him, he hurts......

Lord please help me to deal with the hurt that I have allowed to come in. Also, please help me to stay gaurded so that I am not hurt by satan again. I am forever trying to lean on you but then, well to put it nicely I always get it screwed up. Some how I put my two sense in and really I don't need it, and you Lord don't need it to keep life going... :-)
I love you Lord and ask you to intervien in my life so that you alone are glorified... AMEN

Untill next time

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mommas Night!!!

Okay so this week has been a busy one, but o ne that has been good!
Tonight Momma got a night out! I went to the movie with a friend form church and I hav eto say I totally enjoyed myself. It wawsn't that I "just" enjoyed th e movie all tha tmuch but it was the company. I totally am so into my CHRISTIAN friends God has given me, Old or New I feel so blessed.

I hope you all are having a great night. It is now 1 am and I am going to get into bed.. Tomorrow is saturday and it is a sleep in day however, there is a list of huney dos, so sleep is a must!!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008



Wow to say we have been married ten years is somewhat hard to believe. Ten years ago it was icy and cold, oh wait it is cold today. I wasn't sure if my family would get to the wedding and we weren't sure we wanted some of his to get there! SMILE!!!
There were lots of questions and what ifs? But we were determined.
I am so awe struck that all has happened in ten years. We have three beautiful children, a happy home and I love you more today than when I said I DO! Your love has been tested and you stodd strong! I love you!

Thank you Brian for being my husband! May the next ten years be more exciting and more loving than the last ten!!!

Your wife

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catch up!!!

Okay- Well it has been a while so I will just start and forget all that we have missed.
Ever been so tied up in just being home and taking care of business and loved it? Ever decided exactly what your calling is in life, for the moment, and been totally okay with it. That is where I am at in life. I love my life. I didn't say it was always easy, for that would be untruthful. However, I am content and beginning to take life easy and move slow and ENJOY everything about life. Okay I hear you, what does that mean to you? Well I suppose nothing really, but I am so full I must share! So here we go.....
In the last two weeks we have gone through alot of changes in the Taylor household. First of all Mommy brought the daycare home. Keeping kids at home is a trial in itself. But this task has been okay thus far.....Daddy was in the hospital for 7 days. There were many "maybes" in his situation but God was faithful and it wasn't anything to serious. Then out of no where, or should I say all in Gods timing, the girls received a spot in Arkansas Virtual Acedamy. Which means they are "homeschooled" but not really. They still have a teacher and everything it is just that MOMMY is thier instructor. THIS opens a whole new world for us, but we are so very excited. Last big thing to change is, Granny returned to our house. Amazing how you can receive a call on Thursday and have a guest from 700 miles away on Saturday. Challenges Challenges!!!
Well I am very proud of the way my family has handled so many changes. We are still in the adjusting mode , but we are growing and moving on.

I pray this finds you in a place of growing. I have grown alot in the last 2 months and up for anything God gives me a chance to try. I am sure that life will not always be easy, however I read in the scripture that HE IS ENOUGH!

Untill Next time,

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It has been a while since I blogged so there is tons to blog about.
When we returned from Tennessee was my last blog. We were home for Christmas and really enjoyed our day.
We got a new baby puppy for Christmas and she is a jewel. Both of our puppies bring so much joy to us all...
Our Christmas day started around 8 am and we shared (just the five of us) our gifts and played with our pets and gifts.
Our afternoon started and we had lunch at Aunt Debs. The Taylor family joined and everyone was blessed!!!
As we left there my family went by Pastor Ron and Mrs Wandas. We visited only for a while and enjoyed seeing everyone. Becca and the boys were there as well.

God truly blessed us for Christmas and throughout the end of th enew year. Brian and I both were off, though he wasn't feeling well we did enjoy the time off with the girls.

~~Next blog to come soon~~