Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is this week over yet????

Okay- So here is my poor pitiful me blog.... Is this week over yet. I have to say this has been a horrible week! I have begged God to show up, and He has, and for that I am thankful. But this week has been a tough one.
From my hip, my grandpa, my kiddo being a little under the weather and then we had an eight month old child to die in a daycare here in town. (not mine)Which as a child care provider, I am involved! I had my meetings on Tuesday and well TONIGHT I felt like grabbing a bottle of Jack and settling in for the night. BUT you guessed it God is bigger than Jack and Greater than any other mess I have going on in my life, right..... So I came home from work started my nightly chores, homework, dinner, baths, and laundry!!! Does anyone else ever wish we lived where everyone else went nude and we were all BLIND???? I sure do! I hate laundry.....

Lord, Thank you for breath. Thank you for my children. They do drive me a little insane sometimes but they are healthy and breathing... Thank you. Help me to not take life so seriously and when it has to be serious, well help me to lean on you. Lord I love you and thank you for another week, but Lord I am so glad it is almost over!!!
Lord I pray for that mother that has lost her baby this week.

Help me to remember that you are there Lord Always, I love you. Hold me tonight as I feel a little bit alone, a little down and out and alot over whelmed.
Untill next time~ Be Blessed

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