Sunday, November 4, 2007


Okay! So I did it! I not only did it but I have the video, pictures and the t-shirt to prove it. It was amazing! I have to tell you for a week before hand I was pumped, and I was even pumped UNTIL we were in the air and ready to JUMP. I was like NOPE- can't do it. The instructor said, "you can not go down in this plane"!
So one, two, three and he grabbed my head back and out he pushed me!
It was AWESOME! The sky was soooo blue, the ground was so far away and the world was beautiful.

God surely knew what He was doing when HE created this place I will assure you of that. I could see fields and grass and trees and clouds it was beautiful. As we approached the ground I could see my babies waiving and waiving and I kicked my feet just for them!
Sky diving is something I will surely do again if given the chance!!!!!

Talk later

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