Saturday, December 1, 2007

Accomplished in deed!!!!

Saturday came and it started early. I got up for the last time at 6:30am... I started in for I knew my house was in need of my attention. I was a week late on Christmas decorations and the girls were letting me know it again today starting at 7:30 am...
To say it quickly I accomplished it all, from cleaning out the frig, decorating the house and AND I am almost completely finished with the laundry... The girls have clean sheets and thier rooms are nice and neat. The bathrooms cleaned and the floors vaccumed and swept and mopped where needed.
Now we are enjoying the game and getting ready to shower and do supper. for tomorrow holds a whole nother day full with things to do.

As I go to bed tonight I can feel totally accomplished and ready for another week..
YEAH RAH YEAH FOR ME!!!!! Although I am totally exhausted! Sleeping should be no problem at all tonight!!! :-)

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