Sunday, December 23, 2007

WOW! We are finally home!

As the holidays began to approach us, it lead up to the time we would go to Tennessee. I never could get "just totally excited" about going. However, we finally left on Friday. I must say much much later than we anticipated~ but as it was we got there.
Anyhow, the day started on Saturday by going into town with my grandmother. (my dads mom) My girls had gone to a children's party with some friends. I love to be with my grandma. We "used" to shop every chance we would get but since her accident she cant seem to get up and go like she used to. Considering I almost lost her I take each moment we have, and make it like it is our last.
Saturday had lots of my emotions and without details I still have alot of emotions to work through on it, FOR SURE!
I also on Saturday spent alot of time with my sister. I loved that. I miss her like crazy and my girls love Aunt Suzanne. She cut all the girls hair and we wrapped gifts together... AND by the way- my girls hair looks cute as a button!!!
Sunday brought on the day we would spend with the ROE side of the family! This is my dads mom, dad, brothers and all of their families. I do love them all. My uncle Randy is so funny. you can't believe nothing he says, because he is always messing. However he is a very Godly man and is always looking out for his family. My uncle Bill is well, I love him more and more each time I see him. He looked great today and his health seems to be doing well. My uncle Dennis- is a mess... He also likes to have fun and is a great guy. I love all my uncles in their own ways, each are very special and dear to me! We could blog for days about their wonderful wives! So we will leave it at that...
Then there is my Ma and Pa! I love them and if I write anymore I will cry.
We are finally home and ready to crash in my bed. I had a great day today and I hope you all have a great holiday!

~~Until then~~~

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