Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today is Tuesday! I recieved an email that said you haven't blogged where are you? Well the simple truth is it has been a busy couple of days..

Last time I blogged I told you about going to have fun on saturday! It was a blast! The ladies of the church are way too fun.. My mother in law indeed did go and wow, she smiled and laughed- It was too much fun!!!

Sunday was busy as ever- I did however get a nap- THREE HOURS to be exact. Hannah Jane came and woke me up at 5 and said, "mommy it's time to go to church". I was like oh my it is something to be said about your kids waking you up to tell you time to go to church.....

Monday came and went like a long day... Brian and I got little sleep sunday night so it was very tough on monday. Hannah was not feeling well so Brian had to stay home and take her to the doctor.....

Monday however had some GREAT points in it. I had a meeting on monday that had good results.
Brian and I by a blessing from my mother in law had no kiddos for dinner. So we took the chance and we went out to eat with the pastor and his wife. I do believe God is going to do great things. It is very hard to see the end, however I am going to trust that God is faithful... Right now I cant see it all but I am trying to hold on to what I do know.

God today as I write I want, I need you to saturate me with your love. Allow me to see you when I am clouded. I am thankful for my family, my husband and my kids. We arent all we need to be yet but You can transform us. Help me to be open to the fact you are ALL knowing and ALL powerful. Also help me to remember you created me in your image. To be like you is my goal....
Thank you Father

~~Until next time~~

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