Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Good Morning! Oh my word I cant believe I slept until 8:15a.m. Isn't that a treat when you are used to getting up at 4:30- 5:00 a.m.. Ofcourse when I woke up I laid in my bed and listened. Hannah and Mikel Ann were up and at it this am... you know no school and well the kids are up at dawn.... I could hear the way they were playing together and it was music to my ears. I rolled over and put my arms around Maddison, who was in my bed, and just laid there. I love to snuggle with my girl...
Today is filled with lots to do.. The normal chores ofcourse, but there is extra. It is now 12:37 and I have already done a days work. I went to the mabelline store with a friend to get my couple months of hair stuff, got my nails done, went by the gift shop, and then back home and my FIRST- Italian Creme Cake is in the process. Oh MY we will see.
I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who says, yes go do your thing I got the girls! You see he has a special outting for them as well today but they have no idea.
Today as I go and have a little fun, I am so excited..... I am even excited that my mother in law has chosen to go with us. Everyone needs a little fun here and there. And if there is one thing about these crazy nuts I am going to be with- THEY KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!

God give me a great time and let me not forget you. Let the devotions that are read be something right for me from you. God I love you today. Be with us all as we go about our busy days- Help us to keep focused on you, for you truly are the reason for the season!!!

until then....

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