Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It is only three more days!!!!!

Today in a world that is so materialistic, I have to wonder why we as Christians really celebrate Christmas. The holidays for some are tough, I so understand it. We have made it about gifts, how much money you can spend and we have forgotten to teach the young what Christmas is about. It is about the baby boy who came to give life, by going to the cross HE bought us FREEDOM and love joy and peace.

Ok- so I say that to say this, each day we get closer to leaving for Tennessee the more the devil is attacking me. I recognize it, and yet I fall into the trap. I know I can choose not to get there but I am there before I realize it and hurt all over again. To me Christmas is about the baby boy, but also about family. Well that puts a spin on things because some of my family- well they are mine and that is all I will say. It is true you are hurt by those you "think" love you most.

I take pride (don't know if it is right or not) in the fact my girls are NOT materialistic brats! (smile) This year they have made it very difficult to shop for they say they don't know what they want. Well some say, it's because they have everything- not really. They are just not kids that "WANT". They want to be with their family, they want to be with their friends at church, they want someone to sit and read and play games with. THAT IS WHAT MY GIRLS WANT.
I am thankful as a mother that I can supply their needs by just being in their "space". I am equally glad that slowly but surely their father is seeing that.

What I want today is a harmony among me and my family and friends. God has given us so much. And even when I look upon the negative oh how the positive out weighs the neg. I can see that where I thought the enemy had destroyed me and my family, God has given me family back. It may not be my "blood" family, but it is my spiritual church family and friends outside of the local church.

Dear Lord give me strength today. As I go into the holiday season and I walk into a time that I really don't like, I pray you will give me grace. Give me new memories with my husband and children. Give us as a family, JOY that only comes form you. You are our rock and fortress. You are who we depend on.
As we begin our travels in a few short days, keep us safe. Keep our spirits guarded by you holy spirit. Thank you for everything you have given us, and everything you mean to us. Lord give Brian and I strength to protect our girls and keep them reminded of why we celebrate Christmas. ~~~AMEN~~~

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