Monday, December 3, 2007

Hold Me

Today has been a very long day. Actually yesterday never ended so it has been like two days in one. Ever had one of those.. Anyhow I am wondering today and boy how my mind can wonder so far out of control.
Today I backed away from those who love me in fear that I might hurt them. I have to wonder where is God today. I need some answers and I am not getting them. I know without a doubt God is faithful... I know He is an on time God. SO I guess today I am going to have to begin asking God to give me grace and mercy. When I am uncertain- wait... When I dont know where to turn, be still and when I dont know what to say be quiet.
Lord thank you for my friends and thank you for my family..... Lord when I dont see you please hold me. Hold me still and hold me untill the storm passes. father teach me to hold on to you, for you are all I need!!!!!

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