Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It has been a while since I blogged so there is tons to blog about.
When we returned from Tennessee was my last blog. We were home for Christmas and really enjoyed our day.
We got a new baby puppy for Christmas and she is a jewel. Both of our puppies bring so much joy to us all...
Our Christmas day started around 8 am and we shared (just the five of us) our gifts and played with our pets and gifts.
Our afternoon started and we had lunch at Aunt Debs. The Taylor family joined and everyone was blessed!!!
As we left there my family went by Pastor Ron and Mrs Wandas. We visited only for a while and enjoyed seeing everyone. Becca and the boys were there as well.

God truly blessed us for Christmas and throughout the end of th enew year. Brian and I both were off, though he wasn't feeling well we did enjoy the time off with the girls.

~~Next blog to come soon~~

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