Friday, December 7, 2007


Well it is FRIDAY again, which means another week has passed. So did you survive the first week of DECEMBER!!!!?????

I have to say it has been a good week. In the beginning satan attacked but GOD showed up and showed himself faithful.
As I go into another weekend I have to say, GOD you did "Do It Again"........
you brought me through when I wasn't certain I would get through. I love the way you love me Jesus!!!

So on another note.... I have this sweet dear child of mine!!! Lord I have to wonder if I will survive her. She is 9 going on 20 sometimes and then others she is 9 going on 2..... One moment she is big and wants to help with the youth pastor at church, and one minute she is a baby and needs my undivided attention...

I have to wonder if I am doing right by her. She is so smart and she is so sweet and then she is soooo well not so sweet.....:-(

Anyway off to weekend chores and outings... you know laundry dishes and more laundry at my house. then you have all day affair at church on sundays and you also have the extra stuff... You know the ladies progressive dinner... Will I go I dont know- I am learning to just hang with the girls and enjoy being at home...

Untill next time

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