Thursday, December 6, 2007

OKAY- Peggy said I BELIEVE IT--- God is FAITHFUL!!

Today started as the last, only for another day for God to show HIMSELF faithful.
So Do I sing or do I dance, I really am not sure.. For the song in my heart is not one you would just dance to.

I guess in all that I "could" type here is what I will say. Lord thank you for the times you are so faithful. Thank you for the time that you show yourself real. Thank you for when I trust you and I go and do as I should you show me favor.

I continue to stand in amazement of how much you love me God. Your grace and abundant love are far more greater than I could have ever dreamed.

Father in the days ahead continue to show your self to me and through me. As I strieve to stay in your will may my life show you in a way that noone can doubt your work in me..

Untill then

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