Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wonderfully blessed by my mother in law!!!!

Okay so in this picture you will see my sister in law Deborah, my mother in law Barbara and some Taylor Man I don't know......HA!

I just want to write a little and tell my mom in law how much I love her... Today we spend a few hours at a speciality doctors office. She hasnt been feeling too well lately. yesterday we spent the afternoon in the ER.... So I have to say I am a little concerned. Barbara goes in Thursday for a surgery procedure. I just want her to know I love her... I have no horror stories about mom in laws and I really am blessed.
Besides being a wonderful mother in law, Barbara is an awesome grandmother! My girls could not ask for more..

Barbara is always there for me and never waivers. Her love and support are wonderful and without her, I surely would not survive.... So here's to you Barbara--- I love you and I am here for you... I am praying God will steadily fix you right up. HUGS!!!!

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