Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He Loves ME!

We love because he first loved us. -- 1 John 4:19

THOUGHT: We love others because God has first loved us. Our HeavenlyFather taught us how to love in Jesus. Our Abba Father has given us security and confidence so we can love more fully. Our Holy andAlmighty God loved us boldly and sacrificially so we could properlyunderstand and define love. We are not the source of love; God is.We are not the great example of love; God is. We tend to be carefuland share our love with only those with whom we want to share it:God's love is expansive and open to all. We love because he firstloved us.

PRAYER: Forgive me, Righteous Father, for the times that I have beencareful and guarded with my love of your children. Please help meto love others as you have loved me. I ask especially for todaythat I might use your love to touch someone who needs it in aspecial way, whether they respond favorably to that love or not. InJesus' name I pray. Amen.

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