Monday, August 10, 2009

Kentucky Reunion

Okay so the reunion started on July 3rd.... So yes absolutely we have some catching up to do...
This year it worked out for Brian and I and the girls to accompany Grandpa and Grandma (aka Jack and Barbara) along with Aunt Deborah to Kentucky...I have to say in the beginning I was like really? Ok a trip lets go..... But it turned out to be a great time, and little did I know the "friendships" that would be made. It was a two day event that started out on Saturday the 4th at uncle Bruce's. It was his 90th birthday.

So here are some pictures....

TOP: Uncle Bruce, Larry , Jack, & Danny Taylor---- Just so you know that is a lot of Taylor MEN
Next: We have Dee Dee and Mikel Ann---- Mikel Ann loves Dee Dee... They were buddies..

Here we have Uncle Bruce- It was his 90th Birthday.... Oh we had a blast listening to the stories.
Here below is Jack telling Larry something... The good Lord only knows.
Here is a picture of Deborah and Becky.... I promise it never failed to see a smile on Beckys face any time you looked at her. It was a great pleasure getting to know her. I love to meet new family. ( I don't just mean blood family either) I pray Brian and I will do better at keeping in touch with her and Danny...
AND HERE THEY ARE!!!! Bruce 90 and Jack 75, the only two Taylor Brothers left.... It was a great visit for Jack. So glad we got to share in on it.
Here again some Taylor talking going on. Jack, Deborah, Becky (notice the smile) & Danny
I felt so very blessed to be a part of the reunion... It was a great time and I pray there are many yet to be had.....

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