Monday, August 10, 2009

July 5th Taylor Reunion in Ky!!!!

Mikel Ann had found the chicken... I think she was sneaking a chicken leg..... HAHAHA
Cousins chilling together.... Good times for the kids
Whatever it was Deborah and Barbara thought it was funny... No telling with those Taylors around.
Jack and Barbara welcoming th ebig guy in UNCLE BRUCE--- 90 years old
Below Jack and Bruce showing some brotherly love...
And you guessed it!! Here is Mikel Ann with her DEE DEE!!!! I wonder if Dee Dee realizes that my child adores her, even from afar...

Once again I will say we had a blast. We are so glad we got to go and spend time with those we knew and get to know those we didn't...... God created family for a reason.....

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