Friday, August 21, 2009

Stankie Leg Dance? Say What?

Today was Darian Elizabeths Birthday. What a day!
She is a very special young lady. She is the daughter of my best friend. (pictures to follow)

Well tonight she had a pool party. I went and took the girls. Anyone who knows me and Alicia knows we love to have a good time. We call each other our by polar friends. We keep each other out of the muck!!! So as the music played, the kids swam, the mommas laughed and had a good time. A song came on and Alicia and I started to dance. Someone said that is the Stankie Leg Dance. We both looked like huh, you see we are way to old to really know what that means. So it was interesting when her 7 year old says see this is it!!!
IT WAS SO FUNNY! We had no clue!!!

All I have to say is thanks. The Taylor Women needed a good laugh tonight and boy did we get it.

I love to dance. I didn't feel the greatest tonight but it was fun to be out. Tomorrow night I have a reception/party I will be attending. I am sad Brian wont be with me, I am hoping I will feel like a little dancing, smiling and fun!! Have a great weekend everyone.

Father as this day closes, keep my family in your hands- safe and secure!

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