Monday, August 10, 2009

Taylor Reunion Pictures!! Yes there are more

So here above we have Taylor Education 101! Almost everyone at this table is an educator. It was very interesting just to look on and listen.
This picture is the kids having a good time in the VERY Kid FRIENDLY Room!!!
Above are two raving beauties : Danny and Becky Taylor----Becky and I got to know each other for the first time and it has been a blessing to me for sure.
Maddison bonded with some her long distant cousins.... It was awesome!
Above is me getting Becky's picture while she was snapping someone else's
Below is my wonderful father in law and good looking husband----
Below is Danny and Larry Taylors family.......(r-l) Dee Dee, Larry, Danny, Becky, and their two boys and wives. Sorry boys I don't know your names.

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