Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Daughter and I- on dating!

Okay so lastnight my best friends daughter had a pool party. Boys girls you know the entire sha-bang. I was there with my girls. Here is the conversation that took place with Maddison and I after we got home.

Maddison: Mom I had a good time tonight
Mom: Good, it was fun. I enjoyed myself.
Maddison: Mom how old do I have to be to date?
Mom: 16
Maddison: MOM! I will be a junior in high school I cant wait that long.
Mom: Well I am sorry but you asked. Why are we having this conversation you are only 10. and in the 6th grade.
Maddison: Mom I am in middle school and everyone has a boyfriend.
Mom: But you say boys are yuck.
Maddison: Well Mom I am looking at life a different way now. Tonight ______ was looking HOT! (okay yes I am about to die as her mother)
Mom: HOT! You mean like meat in a oven?
Maddison: Mom come on this aint the 60s like when you were young. ( I am thinking at this point I beg your pardon. I was born in 77)
Mom: Well it is bed time and we aren't dating tonight so lets say our prayers and go to bed.
Maddison: Lord please help my mom see I am mature. _______ was looking hot tonight. You created him that way. Lord did you create him for me? Jesus I don't ever want to put anyone before you but I would like a boyfriend here on earth. God do you think you could tell my mom that for me........

As A Mother I was laughing crying and hopeing I had a "RIGHT" Answer.... Maybe I should be the one praying.... I couldn't actually believe what I had heard..... BUT I was grateful she would talk to me like she did, AND TOTALLY excited she would talk to Jesus about it!!!

What a journey this thing we call life.

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Anonymous said...

That is the funniest, sweetest, most encouraging thing I have read in a long time!!!! That is so precious! So precious that she does feel comfortable coming to you and talking about it. And oh so precious that she talks to Jesus the way she does. That is an amazing thing. You are doing a great job w/those girls of yours!

This is Mellisa by the way, lol