Friday, July 11, 2008

Trusting a God who is in control, In a very uncontrollable World.

This morning before anyone would wake I sat in the chair reading the word.In the scripture there is so much comfort. I have to say that when I am down I often forget the scripture is right here. I forget how powerful it is and how God speaks to me through it for sure. I often wonder how can I feel so close to God and in His perfect plan, and then something so uncontrollable come my way. Isn't God in control? Doesn't He see what is happeneing and can't HE just STOP IT?

Well Psalm 93 plainly says He is in control. It also says God is majestic and mighty. He created the world and HE holds it together. I think when we don't, and we aren't suppose to, see the big picture it is very frustrating. I believe our limited perspective causes us to question God's control; BECAUSE ONLY HE HAS THE BIGGER PICTURE.

Although God will always be in control, many things in this world and sometimes in our life seem to be out of control. God will not force us to serve Him or lean completely on Him. There are many people who choose to not trust and there are times in my life I think I can "Man Handle It". In reality those are the times I should lean hard on GOD. Finally, in Psalm 93 I see the people were very established in thier relationship with God. I am so thankful that even when I mess up GOD never reneges on His promises.

Lord thank you for your promises. Help me to see they are YES AND AMEN for me. You only ask for me to walk beside and live my life for you. Trusting and obey your word, praising you, and keeping my faith fixed on you.

Be Blessed today & know GOD IS IN CONTROL!

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