Friday, July 25, 2008

New Stuff at the Taylor Household

I come from a long line of chores as a child. I think my sisters can a test to that. We were expected to do our share. My dad and stepmom had list, they expected accomplished. I can remember once that the list was not accomplished... I don't remember trouble right away, but as the weekend approached and we wanted to go somewhere, well I just remember daddy saying remember on tuesday,........

I have to admit I have not been very hard on my girls in the chore department. I kept telling myself, they are just kids. Well those, "just kids", are now 7,8, and soon to be 10. Yes they are babies to me but in the real world, it's time to take some responsibility. Well oddly enough I must have thought about this before because I had bought, prolly six months ago, these adorable weekly chore charts. Well, I introduced them this morning. The girls were a little less excited than I was, but they were okay. What is funny is that they expected to go through the chore list and run and do it and be done. But I had to explain that this is your responisbility all day every day for a week. You may do it when you get up, but it may need attention throughout the day. So we will see how it goes.

I decided to do this today because 1st- I feel I never get anywhere in the cleaning department becasue they are constantly messing up. 2nd- with me going back to work soon we must do this as a team. I also explained to the girls as a TEAM, the TAYLOR WOMEN can do anything.

So I will keep you posted on how things go. The reward the girls are strieving for this week is a movie with mom and dad next friday night! We will see..

Until Then Remember~~ You are blessed!

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