Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our week in a nutshell!

Okay so as a mother I could say alot of things about my girls but today I will share this weeks adventures. Monday - Wednesday, the girls spent the mornings at thier grandmothers church doing VBS. It appears that they were very excited on Monday, popped right out of bed and on thier way. Actually they were that way each morning. Tuesday after VBS we meet Oma, Aunt Dawn, Uncle Brian,(cousins) Molly, Elliot, and Paul. We had lunch and then went to Splash Zone. The kids all enjoyed themselves. I was glad to see them play together. I guess I somewhat wish we had more time but hey..... Wednesday the girls were a little bit more tired than the other days but they were up and at it. they enjoyed bible school and went to thier grandparents (The Taylors) afterwards for a bit. That night we went back to McArthur Assembly for the closing service for bible school. Thursday was to be a down day for us but little did we know it would be a long one. Mikel Ann has been having headaches for OVER a month and I was sick of it. She was up all night on wednesday crying and I was going to get to the bottom of it. I called the nuerologist at childrens, they sent me over to the headache clinic. After talking to them for an hour, yes an hour, they say, can you be here in an hour.... YIKES- We are still all in Pjs and hanging out. But we managed to get there. The wait was very short and the doctor was excellent. They sent us to radiology to have a CT scan done. the next day they called and said the CT was normal, and started Mikel on meds lastnight. Poor baby... I hate it!!!! All three meds were pills. She had NEVER taken pills before. But she did it and her surprise was making cookies... :-)

Okay so after cookies it was off to play a game. Mommy and the girls... We had never played this one so it took some explaining but they all got it. Mikel went to sleep on us, do to her meds I believe, but the rest of us played. Maddison is a yahtzee queen. She rolled three yahtzees and didnt even realize she did the first one...

I enjoyed my time with my girls. They enjoyed playing and laying in the floor with me as well. Today is saturday, I have a headache and the house is still quiet.... SHHH SHHHH, don't wake them....... And I am glad you stopped in.

Have a great day and be totally blessed!!!!

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Amy said...

Sounds like you had a busy week! :)