Friday, July 25, 2008

Today I want to take just a minute to tell someone very special to me how much I LOVE Her!
Amy D Beasley- I love you. Amy and I are cousins by blood, sisters by heart. We went to school together since kindergarden, minus a couple of years. We graduated high school together and we loved it all the same. We have been out of school for 12 years, YIKES we are old, and I think we have grown closer the older we get. We laugh and we have cried. Our conversations arent always funny, God has lead us into some pretty deep discussions in the past months. I have to say our morals and lifestyle in our christian walk is one thing that binds us closer together than ever.
Amy, we laugh, we cry, we blog, we myspace and we talk until...... I love you and I can't wait untill we can dance together again in the wee hours....
**The picture above was taken at our ten year class reunion that we danced and had a ball at... And by the way- tell Erik- I love him too- He was destined to be in my life forever**
~Until Next time Cuz~

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Amy said...

You are a blessing! How sweet are you!