Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Morning- Good Afternoon!

As stated in the blog post before I am exhausted. Did you get that? If you didn't well read it again.

Anyways Happy Monday! Today started a little late for us. After 11 to be exact. The girls and I slept in until we woke up. It is kinda funny how one will wake and then right after that another bedroom door will open.
This morning when I woke I got my bible, I needed a word from the father. After hearing such tragic news about a 11 year old little boy this week I have thought alot about my girls. I even had a dream last night that I lost one.
So this morning I opened my bible and it fell open to the scripture that says, God knows me- (paraphrased) He has me in HIS hands. No harm can come to me but through Him..
Well I appreciate that verse, It gives me protection, because as long as I stay in the word and living my life for God He is protecting me... But it leads me to a question. One many have asked, and most likely NONE have received the answer they so wanted. Why do bad things happen to good godly people... People who are favored by God and are in His will, some doing His work. I just can't understand...

I have prayed for my children, my husband and family this morning. Gods hand of protection on us all and that we be in His will and nothing can harm us...

~~~~Just my feeble lit thoughts today~~~~

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