Monday, July 21, 2008

Blessed beyond words!

It is now 12:42 a.m. and well I have heart full of STUFF tonight. (oh wait it is really morning!)
Anyhow, today (sunday) started at 6:30a.m. and I was up and at it, ironing, getting everyone ready for church as a mommy does. Having to be at church at 8 on sunday mornings makes for an early morning and a long day. Worship this morning was great. We got to witness Gods power even in praise and worship practice. God is Great! It is amazing to me when we ASK, God delivers... And Sister Mary says, AMEN!!!

My sweet little girls sang this morning. And they ALMOST did it all alone! I was so proud. They amaze me, and lift my spirits like nobody can sometimes. They prove to me that with GODS help we have poured into them more substance than I sometimes realize. Maddison even sang the verses to the song this morning; I can't wait to see what God is going to do with her! Amen and Amen!
During praise band practice tonight I know God was all about HIS business. I see HIM building our team, pulling us together in love and fellowship with one another as well as HIM. I can see us working together and with GODS anointing setting this town on fire... I am so excited.
After sunday school tonight, HANNAH JANE had a little party after church. She was so excited with her church friends. Her sweet spirit is amazing to me. She is so sweet loveing and fun.
Thank you Ms. April, Ms. Amy, & Mrs. Cheri for making it a huge success. (Yes it took us all to make it happen- There was at least 20 kids)
Tonight after church well, there was some growing process going on. It is amazing to me to see Gods work in my husband and my own life. I am not sure if he (Brian ) bucks God as much as I do, but GOD IS GOOD! (just a hint- bucking doesnt help much just makes lessons longer and harder to learn)
One last thing- Today I was very blessed by two very special friends. I don't even know what to call them, I believe my heart has begun to call them mom and dad. It is amazing to me how two people can show so much love and I feel so unworthy. I pray that they understand how precious they are to me and my family. I am not sure we understand it all completely but I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when they get their crowns. For I know I am only one of the many they have blessed. Aas I said- I am blessed beyond words, God is truly AMAZING! I love Him more than words can say and I am so honored to be HIS child. I am blessed to be a part of HIS work..
Today I was at the church 13 hours all together. My motto tonight is this:

God is good, God is great, Send your strength to the Jacksonville hood! hahaha!!!!

Live your life so that when your feet hit the floor, satan shrudders, and says OH NO SHE IS AWAKE!

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