Saturday, February 2, 2008


Dear oh Saturday!!!!

Being a saturday, what exactly would you do if you could be saturday?
Now I know that sounds really funny, however it is a thought that is in my head. (Yes I have thoughts.)
Saturday is the day I sleep in and the past three have succeeded. Saturday is th eday I run a rat race to the grocery makesure the house is in order and the kids are bathed and cleaned for Sunday. Saturday is the day I try to catch up on everything I should have accomplished during the week, and Saturday is usually a day we as a family try to squeeze in an outting....
Okay so what does all this mean.... I don't know really. I was interested in my own writing "TODAY" a few days ago. I realized at that moment of writiing I understand all of my blessing for the day. All that God allowed to be in my life and each time I was blessed, well I reflected.
So here we are on saturday, I was blessed to sleep in and I was blessed when th ecall came and said I have homemade biscuits, ham and gravy.

So in all my rambling...... I will say be blessed today- SATURDAY! Do all your chores but don't forget to have fun in the process.

Untill then, Kerri

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