Wednesday, February 6, 2008

~~Nurse, Maid, Mommy, Wife~~

Today started as any other by getting out of the bed. Mikel Ann had been up and down and we found out she had an ear infection and a bladder infection. Now that seems like a sick baby to you, however to me it makes me mad. My pour baby had surgery January 4th for her ears. And she finished a round of antibiotics for her last bladder infection only two weeks ago. So you can only guess how frustrated it makes me.

When I came home from her appointment I came home to Martha, a dear friend of mine at the house. She had come to pick up her baby I keep. However today she was sick, and I put her to bed. We, my family, is all she has. Her wonderful hubby is in Iraq and well I guess I could say I am here to take care of them. Long story short Martha and I met through a job we both had. We hated the job in the end but we are both so thankful for it. Tonight when we got home from taking her to the dr and getting meds she was in bed. I stuck my head in the room where she was and I could tell she was crying.. I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing and then she sat up adn said, "I was just thanking God for you and your family. I don't know what I would do without you Kerri." I hugged her and told her our job had given us something good, each other. I told her that as much as she counts on me, I love her and the baby like crazy and the thought of them leaving almost hurts, physically.

SO I say that to say this....... I have been hurting lately and kinda feeling alone. And I realized how much more God must love me. He is so AWESOME and HE awaits for me to need Him. He is always there and no matter what I do He is here. I dont have to wonder if He will leave me or if HE will be mad or anything. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
Lord I need you. I need you to show up in my life and teach me the ways. And when I fall , please quickly remind me that I am YOURS.
Dear Lord thank you for being my friend, my father, my savior and my comforter. Thank you for not walking away and thank you for putting people in my path to hold me up when I feel like I am loosing it.
Untill then have a great night everyone!

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