Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today I woke up to one child needing to go to the doctor, one child not wanting to do her school work and the other just wanting to watch tv. Today I opened my bible to a scripture I had read over a 100 times, literally and recieved something new out of it. Today I read a blog that opened my heart to a part of me that hurts on a daily bases. But today I hope I was able to give encouragement to someone who was desperately hurting. Today I kissed my husband goodbye and thanked God for him as I prayed for his safe travel to work. Today I called my grandmother to hear her voice say I love you as we talked about her near death experince. Today I was blessed to be at home with my girls. Today I got to teach them thier school work. Today I was able to see my best friend and laugh with her as we often do. Today I was able to be with my mom, as I missed so many times. Today I was blessed to be a blessing to someone in need as I cooked dinner for my family I cooked for two. Today I was able to kiss my husband as he returned from work, Today I laid my kiddos down as I prayed with them one by one. Today I live knowing that I have a heavenly Father who loves me beyond my wildest dreams. Today I love the Lord with all of heart soul and mind.
Today my father blessed me to wake to be His child, Today I lay down trusting Him with my entire being. ~~Today~~

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