Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Okay- so let me start by simply saying Happy Valentines Day! I am not one for too much of this romantice stuff on a particular day of the year. I am not one who gets mad at the hubby if his gift is not just right, or if there isn't a big dinner planned or even a night on the town. I think it is one of these man mad holidays that well, just is a little red-iculous!!!!!!!
However, tonight as I circled Walmart at midnight I gathered some candies and things for my girls, my husband and my mom. Not in wondering what I would get in return but thinking it would brighten thier day tomorrow. I also thought about my dear sweet friend who her husband has been gone for two years on this day now...... I grabbed her a treat as well. My friend that was with me at walmart we laughed and he-hawed like we often do, but as we walked and talked about the day, I thought of the ultimate love.
Those of us who are christians, we believe that God loves us. We believe He died for us on the cross. But the thing I asked myself as we walked being silly tonight is, did I or do I return the Father the love He so deserves? Do I love like HE loves. Do I show HIS love through my actions to EVERYONE I meet? He is not conditional with His love, why would I be. I came home and got into my bible. I read all the things that LOVE is in the sight of my father...... My, my , my dear Lord how I have failed you in not showing your love as it needs to be shared and showed.
Dear Lord please help me to show and give unconditional love through you. Let your love shine through and touch each person I see and meet.
Thank you for this day and each day that you love me, even when I am soooo unloveable...

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