Monday, February 18, 2008

~~Happy Birthday Daddy~~

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday as I sat in church and Pastor Ron preached on Exodus 20 12 I thought of you. He Talked about parents and influences in our life and I refelcted on you alot. Tears streamed down my face the entire service. ( I am sure people t hought my life was full of sin) (smiling)

Today wow, Daddy if you could see all that I see. Maddison Hannah, and Mikel are wonderful. YOUR granchildren are wonderful. I see now what kept you going, it was us, your girls.
Maddison wow, she is so sassy. People tell her she is just like her momma, I dont know. She is doing so well in school you would be a proud grandpa. Hannah is well she is a mess. So loving and giving and well oh yeah she is Mas favorite. Kinda funny to me because she is just like her daddy. She has done so well since I took her out of public school. Oh did I tell you that I am homesschooling now.... YEah Yeah I hear ya.....
Mikel well she is your name sak....(spelling) She is so sweet, she is my baby. She looks a lot like you I think. High forehead and her eyes are yours for sure. She is as smart as a whip but is definetly my girl.
Daddy Brian and I have made it ten years. It hasn't been easy but he has kept me. I am happy. Doing what I always wanted to do, raising a family and being a mommy. God has been so merciful.
Daddy, I miss you like crazy. I cant believe you have been gone for 14 years. Somedays it seems just like yesterday, sometimes it seems like forever ago. I remember that weekend like yesterday, detail for detail. I suppose I find comfort in the fact that God needed you more than we did. And that Gods plan is not always our own but it sure doesnt make me miss you any less or want you here any less. Thank you for loving me unconditionally as my daddy. Through you loving me I learned how to love that way. I hope you can see all of the good stuff going on with us. But if you cant one day I will be able to share it all with you when I see you again in heaven. I love you my daddy.
Happy Birthday Daddy, my friend......

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