Monday, February 4, 2008

WOW- what a monday!

After three weeks of waiting our books arrived last week. It took me friday and the weekend to get it all out and seperated. Today we started working with all of our books and stuff. It was so overwhelming . Today we did school for a total of 7 1/2 hours I am exhausted. It is now 8:42 p.m. and all my girls are tucked away in thier beds.
I have to say today was a bit overwhelming however I enjoyed it and I am sure it will get easier as time goes on. The girls did well and worked hard.
I am so thankful for the chance to be my kids teacher, mom and friend.

Have a GREAT week everyone!

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Warrior-Benson said...

hey girl! thank you so much! he is an absolute JOY! its an adventure but well worth it...