Wednesday, October 17, 2007

God I know you are there!!!!!

Ever been so out of the loop that life seems to be going 100 miles an hour?
Okay, the other side of the fence, ever been so far in a pit that looking up hurts and life is going slow as a turtle?

Today as I come before the Lord I have to believe HE IS HERE! The last 24 hours have proven to put my faith to the test faster than anything... How is it that bad things happen to someone who is desperatly trying so hard to reach the top of a mountain. Someone who is begging to see light, someone who is begging God to bring her to the top so she can breath.

God I cannot understand your plan. Where is the line where you say ENOUGH that is my daughter? God can you really touch a storm and calm the waters. The water is drowning me Lord I need you to reach in and pull me out and set me on the bank to watch your healing waters flow.

God I will not put you to the test of if you don't do this then,...... However please God oh please- show yourself real to me today. If for only a minute I will take just a second and hold tight.
God I couldn't find you this morning, I was cold and lonely and there was no warmth from you holding me. God there was not even a shadow of you in my soul.

God forgive me if I am questioning you and if I am doubting you. I only need a glimpse of you.
Noone else matters no one else cares like you do- You are the air I long to breath in and breath out ..............

****I know your there, I know you see me. You are the air I breath and the ground beneath me. I can find you anywhere because I know your there......

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