Wednesday, September 12, 2007


God you are so AWESOME!!

Tonight I had one of the sweetest God Moments I could have asked for.
My girls are kinda going through alot, sometimes when it is church time,
I have one that is always saying how they don't want to go.

So tonight I, not feeling well drug us all to church. I knew it was where we needed to be.
Hannah Jane said she didn't want to go, my response was there is no option.

We made it, and the girls were all smiling when we arrived at church. Thier whole disposition was different tonight. They all loved on people and actually seemed HAPPY!!!!

After church is when my God moment came.
On the way home the girls talked about thier classes. The verses they had to learn and how excited they sounded.
When we got home they put pjs on and got right into bed only to bring out thier verses, and bibles. I loved it.


Hold on and Be blessed today!!

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Anonymous said...


I enjoyed your blog. Keep them coming. Aunt clara