Tuesday, October 23, 2007

~~~New Beginnings~~~

New Beginnings?
How do you start again when you have hurt so many? How do you start agian when you yourself have been so hurt? Not by someone else but by the mere enemy of your soul.
Today I begin this journey of healing and restoration just ME and GOD.
The Lord is my shepard I shall not want... What exactly does that mean? God you are my strength to do what is right and my guide in the steps to do so.
Life took a turn for me that I didn't intend for it to take. The enemy came in like a flood and distroyed me and those around me.
In a quiet moment I realized that the blood of Jesus had not covered me and I had allowed the enemy in and entertained him.
Lord Jesus for that I am so sorry. Lord Jesus please be my guide. I give you my heart soul and mind. Lord Jesus cover my mind soul and body with your spirit.
Today Lord help me to take every resource you have given to start this walk of life with you the center.
God help me get to the place where NOONE and NOTHING else matters to me but you!!!!!
Lord give me strength to do what is right. Make a mends where there is mends to be made. Help me to do it with GRACE and SINCERITY.
Lord show me that you are enough.
~~~be back soon~~~

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